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Super-Powerful Cleaning Suction Spark-981

Powerful Cleaning SuctionMijia 1CV3s Pro Spark-980Spark-981
Cleaning suction 2000pa1000 Pa3000pa4000pa
Fan suction4000pa 6000pa
Cleaning RoutePlanned TypeRandom TypePlanned Yype Planned Yype 
Dust box capacity600ML300ML600ML600ML
Custom robot voice××

Chip-level integration, more stable system

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Fourth-generation Lidar + IOT fusion technology

Spark 981 creates systematic cleaning paths, thanks to an advanced laser-based Fourth-generation Lidar and industry-leading IOT technolgy. Spark980 generates maps with 3x the coverage and 5x the precision of previous mapping technology. As it cleans each level of your home, your robot performs 360° scans to ensure the most efficient path for faster cleaning with fewer missed spots.

High efficiency 6000pa/8000pa vacuum motor

With a maximum suction power of 6000Pa, Spark 981 is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck deep in floor crevices or embedded in carpet. Its coordinating all-new fan motor design uses glass fiber material to optimize energy and ensure high pressure durability, all while keeping the volume down.

5200mha battery LG core, long-lasting power supply efficiency

In order to make Spark981 longer and more durable, Zigma incorporates lots of lastest technologies seen in high-end robot vacuums, such as 5200mha battery LG core for vacuuming debris and powering the wheels, long-lasting power supply efficiency.

Carpet area labelling system (achieve high-pressure vacuum vacuuming in carpet areas)

Spark981 has a built-in carpet area labeling system, which automatically recognizes the carpet area when cleaning, automatically increases the suction power, and realizes high-pressure vacuum cleaning of the carpet area.