Robot Vacuum Purchase Guide Part I

Quick Guide:

Robot vacuums have become more and more popular. But most people don't know how to choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner for themselves.

A smart home product R & D expert with ten years of experience told me that the quality of the robot vacuum is mainly evaluated from the following aspects:

Does it have the ability of path planning?

The path planning ability of the robot is closely related to its navigation mode. In the current market, there are 4 main navigation methods.

  • Gyroscopic Navigation

Also known as "random navigation", is the simplest navigation technology at present.

The robot with random navigation has the lowest price, but this kind of robot has no global planning ability.

It bumps around when cleaning, and changes the cleaning direction through collision, which leads to navigation problems such as leakage scanning. We recommend not to buy this kind of sweeping robot.

  • The Visual Navigation

This uses a camera similar to that of the human eye but can often be disturbed by light.

  • Laser Navigation

Laser navigation is the most stable and mainstream navigation method in the market. It mainly uses a laser to locate and identify obstacles.

  • Visual Navigation+Laser Navigation

This kind of robot combines the advantages of the two navigation methods and is more sensitive and intelligent. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and not cost-effective.

Does it have a strong cleaning function?

In fact,many people tend to choose the robot with the strongest suction. However, the strong suction will also bring more noise.

For ordinary families, the robot vacuum cleaner with a suction range of 3000 PA to 5000 PA is the most suitable. Cost effective, clean enough, and low noise.

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