Accessories Problem

1. The water tank is not installed

 1.1 Assemble the side cover of the water tank: press the side cover firmly and fix it in the position shown in the figure below

 1.2 Close the side cover of the water tank: Turn the side cover to position the container as shown by the arrow

 1.3 Insert the water tank

2.Water tank/dust box failure

 2.1 Take out the dust box/water tank and wipe the metal sheet on the dust box/water tank

 2.2 Locate the metal contacts on the bottom 2.3 Wipe the metal contacts and lightly press the metal contacts to check whether they rebound effectively. If you cannot rebound, please contact online customer service, we will solve it for you as soon as possible


3. The dust box is full

 3.1 Press the dust box button to remove the dust box 3.2 Open the dust box side cover.

 3.3 Dispose of garbage

 3.4 Open the particle filter

3.5 Remove the filter and tap to remove dust. It is not recommended to wash the particulate filter with water

3.6 Clean the main filter

3.7 Clean the dust box with a rag or brush, do not wash it directly with water 3.8 Wait for the dust box and filter to dry before using it to extend the service life


4. Roller brush is entangled

 4.1 Open the roller brush cover

 4.2 Take out the roller brush 4.3 Use a cleaning brush to cut off the hair wrapped around the roller brush

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