2020–07-24          Control the Robot with your voice using your phone or smart speaker,simple say “Turn on the robot.”


2020–06-20          Check the progress of the air purification in real time within the App.


2020–05-19          The App will notify you if the robot detects a fault.For example,it will notify you if there is a blockage.You can then cleae the blockage and the Robot can continue cleaning.


2020–04-30          View the status of the Aerio-300 within the App.

2020-03-24          The Zigma app has languages: English,Spanish,Vietnamese & Swedish.


2020–02-28          The Spark-980 has “Multi-floor map management”.This allows you to save multiple floor maps allowing faster cleaning of multiple floors.


2020-01-13          Greek&Danish languages added.


2020-01-06          The Zigma APP has a built-in service area where you can diagnose and fix problems as they occur.


2019-12-23          The App featured a customer service live chat so we can fix any of your robot problems any time of day.


2019-12-18          German & French added.


2019-12-08          The App saves the performance of cleaning over time so you can track its progress.It will also save a fault record so you can see if there are any reoccurring faults.


2019-11-25          The Spark-980 allows you to customise the Robots voice.


2019-10-15          Each cleaning session’s train is recorded so you can see exacty where the robot has been and can see if any spots were missed without having to physically check.


2019-09-25          Zigma APP is connected to Alexa and Google Home smart speaker control.


2019-09-11          The updated device pairing feature allows you to pair your device in seconds.


2019-08-09          Zigma APP was born (the APP supports scenes and automation functions, control, zoning, virtual walls and restricted areas of the SparK-980 robot vacuum cleaner).

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