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  • The Visionary Planner

    Zigma‘s advanced mapping makes fetching fur a walk in the park. His Intelligent 360°Laser based AI navigation captures a snapshot of his surroundings, while his SLAM-enabled computer cuts a path to cleanliness.

  • NOTE: Model Spark 980 NOT Available in the U.S for now.             Coming soon and stay tuned!

Customer Reviews

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Brillant clean, Get More time with Family

AI laser navigation 3.0 technology

360° scan every inch in your house and creates a virtual map of your floor, then starts a scheduled cleaning. Laser technology can also accurately identify obstacles and prohibited areas.

Real-time map+For multiple floors

create a virtual real-time map, plan routes precisely, identify obstacles+advanced multi-map technology that allows unlimited maps to be saved. You can use a map for different floors or to wipe 

Out of Bounds for Vacuum Robot

Form an effective barrier to let the robot only clean a certain area or room as you need.

Cleans All Floor Types

5 selective cleaning mode can fully vac all floor types, the new upgrade planting/rubber rolling brush can pick up more pet hair without tangling, ideal for homes with pets.

Exclusive Zigma APP

 With the exclusive Zigma APP you can control the robot anytime and anywhere. Over 10 personalized features await your exploration (custom robot voice, cleaning report and history, exclusive customer service, etc.) and OTA upgrades. 

Siri & Alexa & google Assistant

 "Hello Siri, let Robbi start / stop the cleaning", Zigma exclusively develops the Siri voice control. You can also control them via Alexa & google Assistant & Zigma APP. Free your hands and give them more time to spend time with your family.

Auto Self-Recharge

The robot vacuum automatically returns to charging base to recharge when in low power, it charges itself and continues cleaning where it left off has to say goodbye to missing scanning and repeated scanning.ensuring it’s always charged and ready to clean.

Washable HEPA Filter

Upgraded washable HEPA filter plus pre-set filter and sponge filter effectively trap dust and reduce the amount released back into the air to achieve a spotless home, 180°easy-access dustbin for quickly mess-free emptying.