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Water tank (includes 1 water tank & 1 Mop)

  • Zigma Water Tank for Spark/Seeker Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mopping Water Tank.
  • Package Includes:
    * Water Tank
    * Mopping Towels
  • Please Note:
    1. Please remove the water tank before charging to avoid danger.
    2. Mopping is not suitable for carpets, When mopping, Please roll up the edges of carpets or use magnetic stripes to isolate carpets.
    3. If there is any abnormality in the robot, please try to turn off the power switch on the right side of the robot to restart it when not charging.
    A. Open the sealing plug of the water tank, and slowly pour water into it.
    B. Close the sealing plug of the water tank, paste the cleaning cloth to the bottom of the tank.
    C. Press the button at the rear of the robot to take out the dust box and install the water tank.
    D.Use the remote control or Zigma App to start mopping.