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  • Customize Cleaning Area Guide
    novembre 19, 2020

    Customize Cleaning Area Guide

    Condition:Please use this feature after upgrading:1. The Zigma APP version needs to be upgraded to 1.5.2 (you can upgrade in the APP application market);2. The firmware version needs to be upgraded to 1.4.5_4.01.05 (you can check the update on the...

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  • Instructions for Cleaning Zone
    novembre 6, 2020

    Instructions for Cleaning Zone

    What is Clean Zone?When you set the Clean Zone, the robot will only clean in the covered area, and it will automatically recharge after the cleaning is completed. Four steps: 1. Find the Clean Zone2. Click the icon of  "add...

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  • Spark-980 Product Manual & Quick guide
    novembre 4, 2020

    Spark-980 Product Manual & Quick guide

    Page 01-21 English versionPage 22-44 French versionPage 45-67 German version Download: Google Drive Spanish version Quick guide: Quick Guide EnglishQuick Guide DeutschlandGuide rapide du francaisGuía rápida de español 快速使用指南

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  • Important feature upgrade notification!!!
    septembre 27, 2020

    Important feature upgrade notification!!!

    Because the Spark-980 robot adds the function of autonomous map partitioning, this function allows the robot to autonomously clean the map in different areas. The old map data saved before may not be used normally. which may lead to the...

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  • Unpacking self-examination
    août 13, 2020

    Unpacking self-examination

    We are worried that due to the negligence of the warehouse staff, the products may be mismatched to you (the probability is very small). In order to protect your own interests, please check whether the products are brand new and...

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  • Instructions for initial use
    août 12, 2020

    Instructions for initial use

    Precautions before using the robot: Clean the floor Please clean the wires on the floor, children's toys and other sundry things and place them in a safe area to avoid entanglement of the robot;Do not use the equipment to clean...

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  • Zigma APP configuration
    août 11, 2020

    Zigma APP configuration

    Here is an APP configuration manual to Zigma followers First please select your current country or region. Then register or login, please enter your email address or mobile phone number, then enter your password and click register. Scan the QR code...

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  • Zigma APP function guide
    août 10, 2020

    Zigma APP function guide

    Zigma APP function guide is coming When the robot vacuum is connected successfully, you can see the robot control card on the home page.  Click the robot vacuum card to enter the control page. After clicking the "Start Clean" button, three...

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