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Seeker - 780

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1.Efficient Clean - Built with 3 different cleaning modes and a choice of 3 suticon powers. The Seeker can tackle any mess and prepare a lovely clean floor perfect for your bare feet. Smart mapping is used to show the path and area that the Seeker has cleaned.

2.Auto Dock and Recharge - You don't need to babysit its work. Once the battery power gets too low the Seeker will find the charging dock and recharge all by itself.

3.All in one App - With the zigma app you can schedule cleaning, view a real-time cleaning report, adjust suction level, manually move the Seeker around and share control with your family.

4.Designed with your pet in mind - Seeker can vacuum all pet hair along with trapping mould and allergens in its filter for a cleaner and healthier home.