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Aerio-300 True Hepa Smart Air Purifier

Aerio-300 True Hepa Smart Air Purifier

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Zigma Aerio-300 air purifier adopts a five in one filter structure design and is equipped with a powerful fan. Its CADR reaches 330 M ³/h, This means that it only takes 65 minutes to purify a large room with seriously polluted air.

  • Specially designed for large spaces, an Aerio-300 air purifier covers your whole home.
  • 5-in-1 HEPA filter system, filtration 99.97% of allergic substances, real allergy-friendly products.
  • Intelligent control system. The self-developed ZiGMA APP can support more expanded functions, such as reservation purification, intelligent power saving, voice control (Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant), etc.
  • Authoritative certification, safe and effective. Aerio-300 air purifier has passed CE certification, Cadr test and Ozone test. 100% ozone-free & 100% Efficient filtration.
  • Worry-free after-sales, You can always find our 24 * 6-hour manual customer service online. 2-year warranty, 30 days free trial.

Notice: The certificate materials are attached to the Support-Guide book-Aerio 300 on the homepage of the official mall

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AI Smarter Sensing

*  With AI Algorithm and Sensors, Zigma HEPA Air Purifier forecast air quality of the environment in 3 seconds, shows the air quality on air quality ring light and detail reports on APP.
* AUTOMATIC MODE can accurately forecast the air quality and adjust to the appropriate power, implemented high efficiency and energy-saving 40%.

Multifunctional Use

* Due to the effect of purifying the air and the improvement of efficiency,
* The energy consumption of the machine is reduced by 40%, and the use cost is saved.

Designed For Large Spaces

* Only 15 minutes ! Zigma Air Purifier will provide a Free-Breathing Zone!
* CADR up to 330m3/h! Cleans up to 1580 sq ft within 1 hour and 840 sq ft within 30 mins, fresh indoor air 4 Times per hr!
* Perfect for the living room, bedroom, and office. Supports a 3-levels purification mode.
* Noise at Sleep mode less than 25 dB, keep quiet to ensure Whole-Night Sleeping.

Powerful Filtering

* The H14 filter element is a medical-grade filter element, which can effectively filter microorganisms.
* At the same time, there is an ultraviolet radiation system that has obtained California safety certification on the inner wall of the filter element,
* which can effectively kill microorganisms and prevent secondary pollution of the air by microorganisms.

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Control with a Fingertips and Voice

* Remote Control by Zigma Exclusive App, Voice Control via Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
* More than 10 advanced features available eg.
* remote direct control, scheduling purification sessions, replace filter reminds, scene-setting, share devices with family, etc.

Air on Display panel

* Directly use the function control switches or select functions on the panel, use the illuminated LED display on the air purifier to view indoor air quality readings, or use the Zigma app to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality anytime and anywhere.

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Perfect Service

* Zigma products are guaranteed for two years and have a customer service center in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.
* Support 24*7 customer service online contact, or contact customer service on the Zigma app

Fast delivery

Shipped within 2-3 days

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Aerio-300 FEATURES

Filter TypePre Filter+HEPA Fliter+Carbon Filter) with unique UV-C light and Negative Ions
Effective Cleaning Area150 m²
Filter LevelH13/H14
AI Self-Learning SystemSupport
Automatic Sensor SystemSupport
Sleep ModeSleep
Child LockSupport
Air Quality DisplaySupport
N.W5.8 Kg
G.W7.0 Kg
Product size350 * 220 * 495 mm
Auto Captures the ContaminateSupport
Voice Control Siri/Google Home/Alexa
Family SharingSupport
Air Pollution PerceptionInfrared perception
PM2.5 DisplaySupport
Filter Expiration ReminderSupport

Download the user guide for the corresponding language

  • User Manual Zigma Air Cleaner
  • MANUAL DE USUARIO Purificador de aire Zigma
  • MANUEL D’UTILISATION Zigma Purificateur d’air
  • BENUTZERHANDBUCH Zigma Luftreiniger