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Aerio-360 cleaning process:

1. The Aerio-360 can clean up to 330m3 (a very large room) in typical indoor air there is particles, bacteria, viruses and pollution which affects our health.

2. The ZIGMA intelligent air purifier will release enough negative ions to the air, negative ions effectively adsorb PM2.5 (pollution) pollen, bacteria and viruses.

3. As the Air is drawn through the device the H13 filter will absorbs harmful particles.

4. As the air exits the device, the UV lamp in the purifier uses powerful ultraviolet rays to effectively destroy bacteria and viruses on the filter

5. The ZIGMA intelligent air purifier returns your clean and comfortable air Model:Aerio-300


Colour: White
CADR(particulates):330 m3/h
Application area :23-40 ㎡
HEPA: H13 99.97%
Filter:3in1 composite filter
Wi-Fi:2.4G (compatible with almost all home wifi's)
Operating power:36 W
Standby power:<1W
dB (A) :≤62
Net size : 350*220*495
Packaging size: 420*290*600
Net weight :5.8 Kg
Gross weight :7.0 Kg