Zigma Brand Concept

Bring real AI technology into people's life

Machine learning is the core of artificial intelligence, and the core of artificial intelligence is data. Zigma not only grasps the industry's cutting-edge AI intelligent algorithm but also realizes the importance of data support for AI machine learning. A perfect intelligent cloud database has been established in five continents of the world to provide powerful and perfect data support for machine learning of intelligent products. From hardware manufacturing to firmware, intelligent cloud, and app, Zigma has always firmly grasped the core elements of upgrading IoT products to intelligent products.

Always based on user needs

The pragmatism of continuous innovation is the core value of Zigma. We always practice taking the user's needs as the basis, abandon the flashy functions in the research and development process, and constantly enhance the core functions of products, so that the emergence of each generation of products comes from its improvement of user experience.

To provide users with perfect after-sales service

Zigma's global after-sales service rapid response system provides 24-hour one-to-one professional engineer after-sales service, which can truly respond in one minute and solve problems for users in one hour. Whenever and wherever you go, you can always use the Zigma app, Zigma Facebook page, or send an email to support@zigma.co. Come and find us :)

In the traditional industrial chain, it takes long and costs high for the communication between brands and manufacturers, which makes users’ feedback is hard to be handled in time. In addition, smart home products need to be updated and iterated continuously, and no one is willing to pay for that.

Zigma Brand Slogan

Build Your AI Helpful Home

Zigma Brand Vision

Bring real AI technology into people's lives, let users enjoy the convenience of artificial intelligence

Global Network

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