Artificial Intelligence Air Purifier

Because different rooms have different aerodynamic models and different pollutant replacement rates,the traditional dull sensor automation control is difficult to satisfy the purification needs of different families in different periods. The machine learning-reinforcement learning technology of artificial intelligence can completely change this situation:

- Better purification effect
- Higher efficiency
- Lower power consumption
- Smarter autonomous decision-making system
- Longer cartridge life

  • Aerio-300

    -AI control system
    -High-efficiency DC motor (comparison chart)
    -H13/H14 cartridge negative ions and deep UV microbial inactivation, effectively avoiding the secondary transmission of new crowns and germs. Learn More

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  • Aerio-360

    -AI control system
    -Whole machine OTA
    -Multi-dimensional pollutant identification system
    -Latest DC motor, 380 CADR Learn More

  • Aerio-s200

    -Adjustable rotation angle
    -Negative ion
    -low noise

4th generation lidar IOT sweeper robot

With the fourth generation lidar sweeper, IOT has become an essential component, with several important functions relying on IOT and app support:

- Whole machine OTA upgrade
- Carpet area marking system
- Multi-map memory system
- Multi-map autonomous identification system
- Map cloud storage system
- Automatic room division system

  • Spark-980 2021 Version

    - Chip-level integration, more stable system
    - Fourth generation of Lidar+IOT fusion technology
    - High efficiency 4000pa vacuum motor
    - Carpet area labelling system (achieve high-pressure vacuum vacuuming in carpet areas)Learn More

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  • Spark-980

    - Fourth-generation Lidar+IOT fusion technology
    - Whole Robot Vacuum OTA
    - Intelligent after-sales service system. Learn More

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  • Spark-981

    - Chip-level integration, more stable system
    - Fourth-generation Lidar + IOT fusion technology
    - High efficiency 6000pa/8000pa vacuum motor
    - 5200mha battery LG core, long-lasting power supply efficiency
    - Carpet area labelling system (achieve high-pressure vacuum vacuuming in carpet areas) Learn More

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  • Spark-680s

    - Automatic dust collection system
    1. Automatic detection when the dust bucket is full
    2. Dust collection operation at your fingertips
    3. Adjustable dust collection wind power
    - Chip-level integration, more stable system
    - Fourth-generation Lidar+IOT fusion technology. Lrean More


Zigma air decontamination technology is scientifically proven to eliminate 99,99% of microbes from indoor air, Dust, allergens, pet hair and virus Safeguard you and family with air that has been cleaned from viruses and bacteria.


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So hard with so many people selling this type of product to make the right choice. My reasons for buying this one was not only the features which it has many, but the most important one was I could get help within minutes through the free app in the support section.

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Voice control via Alexa works great, even with remote control, or simply press the button, he starts work. I have my Zigma on medium suction power, the result is great and it is not too loud. I can highly recommend this vacuum / floor mopping robot....

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