Zigma APP Configuration

Here is an APP configuration manual to Zigma users

First please select your current country or region.

Then register or login, please enter your email address or mobile phone number, then enter your password and click register.

Scan the QR code on the side of the robot vacuum,
Select the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and enter the correct WiFi password.

Reset the device:
After ensuring that the robot is activated, please click to check "operation confirmed" and then go to the next step.

1. Restart the robot vacuum.
2. Wait for the startup voice to finish.
3. Press the power button for 3-5 seconds until the robot vacuum makes a prompt sound.

Solution For Connection Failure

If prompted to fail, when the pairing progress is 0-30%:
1. Make sure the ROBOT starts successfully and there is a hot spot named "ROBOT ###”

A. Please correctly activate the device as indicated in the previous step;
B. Open the Settings on the phone and look for "ROBOT###" in the Wi-Fi list;
C. If "ROBOT###" is still not found after refreshing the Wi-Fi list, please contact us ASAP. We will arrange to replace a new machine for you immediately;
D. If you can find "ROBOT###", please refer to the following other possible reasons for a failed match.

If prompted to fail, when the pairing progress is 60-99%:
2. Please check whether you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password:

A. Turn on the Settings on your phone and click "Forget/Ignore" in the Wi-Fi list;
B. Re-enter the Wi-Fi password to check whether the connection is successful;
C. If you cannot reconnect, please check the correct Wi-Fi password;
D. If the password is correct, please refer to the following other possible reasons for matching failure.

3. Please check the settings of the router:

A. Please log in to the Settings page of the router according to the website provided by the router;
B. Please ensure that the router has 2.4G single frequency segment;
C. Please be sure to turn off the "firewall" function;
D. Please turn off restrictions such as "Filter MAC addresses/Whitelist";
E. Please do not use modems/repeaters/signal amplifiers, etc. Due to network fluctuations, the robot may fail to connect to the network.


NOTE: Click the button in the upper left corner of the APP login completion page, 

It is recommended to check the version of the APP regularly and update it to the latest version for a better experience.
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