Aerio-300 Performance Test Report and Safety Certificate

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CE certification

UVC specification

CADR test report

Ozone data report

H1N1 report

 What is ozone? 

The ozone layer is distributed in the atmosphere 20~30km away from the ground. Its biggest function is to absorb ultraviolet rays and protect humans, animals and plants exposed to ultraviolet rays.

The safety value of ozone is about 0.01~0.03ppm, which is equivalent to the amount of ozone in nature.The amount of ozone in the air is 0.01~0.04ppm. Because ozone has a strong purifying and sterilizing effect, the bacteria and molds in the nature cannot multiply abnormally and keep them in a balanced state.

The ozone test data of Zigma Aerio-300 air purifier shows that the average concentration of ozone released by the air purifier within eight hours is 0.0003ppm.

The standards for the safe concentration of ozone are as follows:
A.The FDA regulates that the ozone output concentration of indoor medical equipment shall not be higher than 0.05 ppm.
B.OSHA stipulates that the average ozone concentration of workers in the workplace for 8 hours cannot be higher than 0.10 ppm.
C.NIOSH recommends that the concentration of ozone should not exceed 0.10 ppm at any time.
D.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Perimeter Air Quality Standard stipulates that the maximum 8-hour average concentration of outdoor ozone is 0.08 ppm.

Therefore, the ozone content generated by the Zigma Aerio-300 air purifier during operation will not cause harm to the human body, please rest assured to use!

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