The Special Feature of Spark-980

Evolution of Laser Vacuum Robot

Laser navigation evolution1.
Map SaveFor 1For 1Several
Unlimited cloud storage
Muilt-Floor Map××Hand switchAuto-Identify
OTA Upgrade
Area Cleanup×××
Voice Control××ON/OFFSelective Space

Fourth-generation Lidar+IOT fusion technology

Spark 980creates systematic cleaning paths, thanks to an advanced laser-based Fourth-generation Lidar and industry-leading IOT technolgy. Spark980 generates maps with 2x the coverage and 4x the precision of previous mapping technology. As it cleans each level of your home, your robot performs 360° scans to ensure the most efficient path for faster cleaning with fewer missed spots.

Vacuum Robots OTA Upgrade

Unique OTA ( Over-the-Air Technology ) service allows you to do quick updates and enjoy the lastest functions without hassle.

Best after-sales service system

The fastest delivery speed
The best after-sales technology
24-month warranty
24*7 online customer service
2 months free return
Free shipping worldwide