Small brand, Big dream

For Americans, Zigma is a strange word, but for Germans, when Zigma is mentioned, they can always think of the Spark-980 robot vacuum cleaner which is Affordable and High-Quality.

The Robot Vacuum with laser navigation technology and supporting linked mobile app, which can be bought at a price of fewer than 300 euros, was once selected as the "Best Seller" by Amazon Germany in 2018.



*Amazon DE Best Seller  

  • Why was Zigma born?

Most IoT products/brands have poor user experience due to the dispersion of their industrial chain. For example, problems encountered by consumers after purchasing products often take a long time to communicate to brand manufacturers.

To reduce production costs, manufacturers give up upgrading iterations of IoT firmware and software.To break the shallow understanding of smart products in the market and truly introduce AI technology into the field of smart homes, Zigma was born.

zigma building

*Zigma building in Shenzhen,China

Like all those who decided to start a business, Chosen, then 30, decided to give up his stable job in a large company and set up his own software solution service company in Shenzhen, China, in 2014.

The working experience in Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba has given Chosen excellent business ability and a certain accumulation of human resources. His software service solution has been adopted by many large companies, including Midea, Haier, pusanik, and puppy.


Zigma's client

 *Zigma's partners


 After years of deep cultivation in smart homes, he found that the vast majority of smart home products in the market are not smart.

Chosen believes that only products that can make independent decisions according to user needs can be called truly intelligent products. 


*Zigma's Advantage of Industry


  • Anchor the German market and find its own advantages

 As the fifth largest e-commerce market in the world and the second largest e-commerce market in Europe, Germany is Zigma's first stop in the world.
According to the data from Eurostat, in 2020, 95% of Germans used the Internet. Among the 82.4 million German population, 84% had experience with online shopping before the epidemic, and there was no gender difference in the use of online shopping.

In addition to good Internet usage, we believe that rigorous Germans will be able to give us feedback and make much useful feedback on improving our products.

Zigma's advantage lies in giving play to its software R & D capability, integrating the upstream, middle, and downstream of the smart home industry chain, and providing rapid feedback to user feedback and market demand. It is not only a manufacturer, also a brand side, but also a channel provider directly facing consumers.

*24-hour online customer service


In addition, zigma has set up after-sales service centers in many regions around the world, which means that we can not only bring real budget-friendly smart home products to you but also quickly solve various problems encountered by users.

  • How can small brands find niche markets in the increasingly fierce market competition?

In 2021, the global smart home market sales reached US $72 billion, and it is expected to reach the US $117.8 billion in 2028, with an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% (2022-2028).

Competition is as strong as the market is. For small brands, how to achieve the marketing objectives within a limited budget is an important way to find new niche markets. It is better to maintain the relationship with existing users than to focus on improving the brand's exposure.

Zigma has established a good relationship with zigma users through social media networks and user operations within Zigma app. According to zigma's data statistics, our re-purchase rate is between 15% and 18%.

Of course, we have also encountered many challenges in the process of development, such as the increasingly expensive Internet advertising costs, and too much focus on the improvement of one SKU, resulting in a slowdown in the process of developing other new products.



In general, ZIGMA is still developing steadily and will continue to provide our users with the best services and high cost-effective products.

We are also stepping up the research and development of new products, perhaps adding an automatic dust collection system for spark-980, or adding new functions on Zigma app.

Something new is coming.

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