Instructions for initial use

Precautions before using the robot:

  1. Clean the floor

Please clean the wires on the floor, children's toys and other sundry things and place them in a safe area to avoid entanglement of the robot;Do not use the equipment to clean dark bottom plate or carpet.

  1. Remove the anti-collision bar

Please remove the yellow anti-collision bar of the equipment before use;

3. Test the recharge system

Please place the robot in front of the charging stand, and then click the recharge

 button on the device to verify whether the robot can automatically recharge.

4.The charge seat

Please place the charging seat in an open area (1.5m on both sides and 1.5m in front), make sure the power is connected and placed against the wall. To ensure that the device can quickly return to the charging seat, please start the equipment from the charging seat for cleaning;


Please avoid putting the charging seat near the shoe cabinet/dining table, etc.,which will affect the reorientation of the robot to its surroundings.

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