Zigma Brand Introduction

Zigma was born out of an AI technology solution service provider. Our parent company serves Haier, Midea, Puppy, Proscenic, Klinsmann, and other enterprises with industry-leading AI technology. After years of deep cultivation in the smart home industry, we found that most of the "smart products" in the market are not really that smart!

The difference between IoT products and AI products

In the 21st century, we have seen a rapid development of the Internet and as a result, the Internet of things (IoT) products are popular worldwide. In a broad sense, any product that can link smart devices can be called the Internet of things products, from cars to your sports shoes. Human beings can achieve the interconnection of people, machines, and things at any time and any place through smartphones and intelligent software.

Home products are undergoing three stages of transformation. The first stage was traditional products meeting certain basic human needs. The second stage is the IoT products with Internet power. The third stage is the real intelligent products with machine learning ability.

Obviously, Internet of things products can not be called AI products. Only products that can make decisions according to users' needs can be called truly AI products. To break the shallow understanding of AI products in the market, introduce AI technology into the field of smart homes, and let users really enjoy the convenience brought by AI was why Zigma was born.

Common problems of IoT products

Most IoT products/brands have poor user experience due to the disconnect of their industrial chain. To reduce the production cost, the manufacturers give up the firmware and software upgrade iteration of IoT products to these kinds of IoT providers. But this leads to miscommunication of the moving parts in the production chain, this kind of friction slows down and limits development.

Zigma keeps everything in the house as we are the technology, AI, and IoT provider. By integrating IoT technology, branding, after-sales service, and channels all through the industrial chain we can solve the common pain points and problems of IoT products/brands. Communicating with consumers directly and quickly to solve any problems they encounter in using products. Communication directly with the consumer is very valuable. It gives insight into the potential needs of consumers. Through continuous product firmware and software updates, we can make products that constantly match the needs of consumers.

The evolution of IoT products to intelligent products

The key step in the evolution of IoT products to intelligent products is whether the products can carry out "machine learning". Machine learning refers to the process of using an algorithm to guide the computer to get an appropriate model by using the known data and use this model to judge each new situation. It is the core of artificial intelligence and a fundamental way to make the computer intelligent.

From Alan Turing, the father of the computer, put forward the first concept of machine learning in 1950 to Alpha go, which is famous in 2016, machine learning technology has developed rapidly. Zigma is always keeping up with the times' trends and can endow the product with this ability of "machine learning". Through the establishment of a perfect intelligent cloud, the product can truly realize the intelligent attribute.

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