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  • Big battery, big suction power. An upgraded version of the Spark-980 series. 5200mAh+4000pa.Super long standby, long battery life, escort your life.
  • Efficient cleaning. 3 different cleaning modes and the choice of 3 vacuum power levels. 
  • Real-time map. Other robot vacuums can lose their path & cannot clean the whole floor space if their wheels slip or they encounter an uneven surface as they navigate simply by remembering how far they have been. The spark, however, uses laser guidance which ensures that no matter what it will be able to clean every inch of your floor. 
  • Automatic docking and charging. The spark will clean the house with zero human input. If the power runs low, it will automatically return to the dock, recharge, and get back to work.
  • All in one app. With the Zigma app, you can schedule a cleaning, view a real-time cleaning report, adjust the vacuum power, move the Spark manually, and initiate cleaning from anywhere in the world.

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