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Zigma X1 Electric Mop

Zigma X1 Electric Mop

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Introducing the Zigma X1 Electric Mop - the ultimate cleaning tool for your home! With its powerful motor and advanced cleaning technology, the X1 can easily tackle even the toughest messes on your floors. Its lightweight design and polymer roller are specially designed for cleaning kitchen oil and bathroom dirt.

• Sweep the floor while mopping the floor, and easily deal with a variety of wet and dry mixed garbage
• Polymer mop and auxiliary cleaning system make it easier to use
• Flexible steering handle and seamless welt cleaning allow you to reach farther
• No fan, no noise, suitable for sound sensitive people

Join our free trial program today and experience the power of the X1 for yourself! We ask that you provide honest feedback after using the mop, and we'll refund you 50% to 100% of the purchase price. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to revolutionize the way you clean your home with the Zigma X1 Electric Mop.

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Dear customers, due to stock issues, it takes 13-15 working days to receive the goods for  orders.

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    Zigma New Arrival
    X1 Hand-held Floor Washer

    A new generation of cleaning magic tool, suitable for a variety of floors, with a cleaning rate of 99.5%

    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop
    Zigma X1 Electric Mop

    Zigma X1 Electric Mop


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    The free trial process is to buy Zigma X1 at the original price, and fill in our questionnaire within 7 to 15 days after receiving the product. This will take you about 10 to 15 minutes. Send us an email and we will refund you 50%~100% of the amount.

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    Innovative 3-Stage Cleaning

    Rolling, Sweeping and Scraping 3 in 1, with more efficient cleaningEvery time the roller turns, it cleans itself once,mopping with a clean roller.

    Dry and Wet Garbage Cleaning
    in 1 Time

    "Living room"
    Wiping dust, vacuuming debris
    Absorbs water, hair
    Dissolves stubborn grease stains

    No Vacuum Fan
    Cleaning in Low Noise

    X1 Use polymer cleaning materials to absorb stains and clean the floor. When it is used, it is almost noiseless, does not raise dust, and is friendly to allergic people.

    Ultra-light Material, The Total Weight is Only 2KG

    The fuselage is made of aluminum alloy material and soft rubber material, which ensures both lightweight and durability.
    Self-Contained Traction for Effortless Cleaning.


    Click on the video to check the cleaning performance of ZIGMAX1 on various floors.

    What does the Zigma X1 wet-dry cleaner contain?

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