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Service & Warranty

This warranty is limited to apply to products sold through the following three channels:

(1) Zigma's official Amazon stores in the United States and Europe;
(2) This website (www.zigma.co);
(3) Publishers authorized by Zigma.

This warranty is limited to apply to products sold by Grit Technology Co., Ltd ("Zigma").

Zigma's warranty obligations apply only to the original purchaser ("you"). This limited warranty cannot be transferred or transferred.

This warranty is limited to the following provisions:

1. New product limited warranty

Under normal circumstances, from the date of purchase, the Zigma product you purchase will enjoy the corresponding warranty policy in accordance with the laws of the country/region where the purchaser is located. This limited warranty only applies to Zigma products with FCC and CE certification officially sold in the United States and Europe.

2. Limited warranty on certified refurbished products

The Zigma product you purchased is free of defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal conditions for 6 months from the date of purchase. This limited warranty only applies to refurbished products officially certified by Zigma.

3. Proof of purchase

To make a claim under our limited warranty, you must first show us the date of purchase of the Zigma product. Your sales slip or similar documents are sufficient. If you are unable to show us the original purchase date, the period in this "Limited Warranty" will begin on the date we ship your Zigma product from the factory.

4. Exclusion clauses This limited warranty does not cover:

(A) Defects or damages caused by vulnerable parts (such as brushes, batteries), unless the product or non-consumable parts are damaged due to material or workmanship defects);

(B) Normal wear and tear and appearance damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and damaged plastic;

(C) Defects or damage caused by abuse; accidents (including but not limited to collisions, fires and liquids); neglect; abuse; abnormal pressure modification; improper or unauthorized repairs, installation, wiring or testing; without our approval Change, incorrect repair or service, or use of incorrect parts and accessories that we did not provide; (d) damage caused by using the product outside of the permitted or intended use specified by Zigma;

(E) Damage caused by using together with non-Roborock products;

(F) Any non-Zigma product, even if it is packaged or sold with the product;

(G) Misuse or failure to follow operating instructions, and failure to perform recommended maintenance;

(H) Use in any other way than normal and intended use.

(I) The serial number of the product has been deleted, erased, defaced, changed or illegible in any way (at our sole discretion)

(J) This limited warranty does not apply to accessories and other consumables, such as filters or brushes;

(K) You have violated the terms of this limited warranty or the contract between you and us.

Zigma does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by failure to follow the instructions related to the use of the product.

You are responsible for:

(A) Use our products correctly;

(B) Daily preventive maintenance

(C) Follow our instruction manuals, quick start guides and the correct product handling recommendations provided on our website.

5. Customer Service

Please contact customer service: support@zigma.co / Zigma APP online customer service to determine your questions and next steps. Zigma will provide end users with exclusive remedial measures based on the actual situation:

(1) Repair the product;

(2) Replace the product with a new or refurbished product (the replacement product has the same model or function equivalent product);

(3) Refund the price you paid for the product (excluding taxes and shipping costs).

Any product repaired or replaced under this limited warranty is covered by this limited warranty for the longer term as follows:
(1) 90 days from the date of repair or replacement;
(2) The remaining original warranty period. Replacement parts used in product maintenance may be new, equivalent to new or refurbished.

2. Disclaimer

(1) Grit Tech Co., Ltd does not guarantee that the functions contained in Zigma products can meet your requirements.

(2) All risks of the quality and performance of Zigma products are borne by you.

(3) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Grit Technology Co., Ltd and its suppliers do not assume any other express or implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and applicability for specific purposes.

(4) Zigma products and accompanying written materials. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may vary by state/jurisdiction.

(5) No responsibility for subsequent losses

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Grit Technology Co., Ltd. or its suppliers shall not be liable for any losses under any circumstances (including but not limited to loss of business profits, business interruption, loss, due to the use or inability to use Zigma products The loss of business information or any other monetary loss caused by it), even if Grit Technology Co., Ltd has been notified of the possibility of such damage. Because some states/jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for indirect or indirect damages, the above limitations may not apply to you.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Policy

At Zigma, we provide users with 7*12 hours of emergency treatment, which can be learned in detail through the online customer service of Zigma APP. (Weekends or holidays, message reply may be delayed). Normally, all purchased items will be delivered to the destination for free within 2 to 7 working days.

1. Freight Company

Zigma randomly selects FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS for transportation.

2. Processing the Order

The order will be processed within 24 hours of the working day and shipped as soon as possible.

3. Delivery Date

(1) The US, UK, Europe : Free delivery from Zigma overseas warehouses, and it is expected to be delivered to customer addresses within 2 to 7 working days.

(2) Other countries/regions (except the US,UK, Europe): Delivery from warehouses in China includes certain free delivery standards. The delivery time depends on the actual situation. For specific details, please contact Zigma customer service.

(3) Military APO/FPO addresses and post office boxes may take more time to be delivered.

(4) Packages over 4 pounds cannot be delivered.

4. Shipping Area

Currently, Zigma provides delivery services for the robot vacuum cleaner Spark-980 and air purifier Aero-300 to Europe and the UK. For customers in the United Kingdom, we will supplement additional adapters separately; and provide delivery services for the air purifier Aero-300 to American users. The robot vacuum cleaner does not support delivery to the United States temporarily. Please follow the official Zigma information for subsequent updates.

5. Packages that Cannot be Delivered

Most of our carriers have tried to deliver the package three times. After three delivery attempts, the package returned the undeliverable package to Zigma. If this happens, please contact us at support@zigma.co to arrange a replacement.

6. Cancelled Orders

We will make every effort to process the order as soon as possible. Therefore, you should notify our customer service before 02:00 (PST) on the day of placing the order to cancel the order by contacting support@zigma.co. Please make sure to include your order number when requesting cancellation.

Zigma APP milestones

2020–07-24          Control the Robot with your voice using your phone or smart speaker,simple say “Turn on the robot.”


2020–06-20          Check the progress of the air purification in real time within the App.


2020–05-19          The App will notify you if the robot detects a fault.For example,it will notify you if there is a blockage.You can then cleae the blockage and the Robot can continue cleaning.


2020–04-30          View the status of the Aerio-300 within the App.

2020-03-24          The Zigma app has languages: English,Spanish,Vietnamese & Swedish.


2020–02-28          The Spark-980 has “Multi-floor map management”.This allows you to save multiple floor maps allowing faster cleaning of multiple floors.


2020-01-13          Greek&Danish languages added.


2020-01-06          The Zigma APP has a built-in service area where you can diagnose and fix problems as they occur.


2019-12-23          The App featured a customer service live chat so we can fix any of your robot problems any time of day.


2019-12-18          German & French added.


2019-12-08          The App saves the performance of cleaning over time so you can track its progress.It will also save a fault record so you can see if there are any reoccurring faults.


2019-11-25          The Spark-980 allows you to customise the Robots voice.


2019-10-15          Each cleaning session’s train is recorded so you can see exacty where the robot has been and can see if any spots were missed without having to physically check.


2019-09-25          Zigma APP is connected to Alexa and Google Home smart speaker control.


2019-09-11          The updated device pairing feature allows you to pair your device in seconds.


2019-08-09          Zigma APP was born (the APP supports scenes and automation functions, control, zoning, virtual walls and restricted areas of the SparK-980 robot vacuum cleaner).